Can low progesterone cause hair loss

Menopausal women may have another treatment option for their hair loss: hormone replacement therapy. Although controversial, these hormones — available in estrogen and progesterone creams, pills, and patches — can help prevent hair loss as well as ease menopause symptoms. When women experience thinning hair and balding on the scalp, they have a number of… Read More »

When is eye drop now

Effective treatment of itchy eyes requires matching the medication to the underlying cause. There is some evidence that not blinking leaves the drop on the eye longer—thus when it go into the eye more. Now often contain electrolytes or thickening agents. Eye At this point in drop there is no cure for glaucoma. Not every… Read More »

Infant sleep problems can signal mental disorders in adolescents – study

Specific sleep problems among babies and very young children can be linked to mental disorders in adolescents, a new study has found. A team at the University of Birmingham’s School of Psychology studied questionnaire data from the Children of the 90s, a UK-based longitudinal study which recruited pregnant mothers of 14,000 babies when it was set up almost… Read More »

Fragmented Sleep Linked to Atherosclerosis and Inflammation

The importance of good sleep — sleep that is not fragmented, disturbed or insufficient — is recognized as a cornerstone of wellbeing by almost all health professionals. Scientific studies have shown that fragmented sleep causes chronic inflammation and can contribute to mental health and neurological disorders such as major depression and Alzheimer’s disease, a Berkeley… Read More »