How flu can kill you

By | April 30, 2020

how flu can kill you

Getting vaccinated is by far the most effective thing you can do to protect yourself and your family from swine flu. Each underlying illness adds to the risk. Containment is becoming less likely, because of the contagiousness of the virus, the possibility that people can spread it before they have symptoms and the increasing number of outbreaks around the world. Let our news meet your inbox. One of the best ways to avoid catching a cold is to wash your hands properly. It will be important not to have those resources taken up by patients with flu that could have been prevented. Every year, flu kills 12, to 56, people and sends as many as , to the hospital.

Most people know that the flu can kill. Indeed, the so-called Spanish flu killed 50 million people in — more than were killed in the first world war. But what about the common cold? Can you really catch your death? The cold is a collection of symptoms — coughing, sneezing, a runny nose, tiredness and perhaps a fever — rather than a defined disease.

The vaccine for the current season falls into that range, according to the C. Conventional wisdom in the U. Each person with flu tends to infect one other person. The H1N1 flu virus killed U. Symptoms include fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough and muscle soreness. Ferris Jabr is a contributing writer for Scientific American. Humans, ideally, will have built up more natural defenses to fight it. The novel coronavirus has a median incubation period of 5.

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