How to treat a migraine when pregnant

By | June 30, 2020

how to treat a migraine when pregnant

The occurrence of migraine in women is influenced by hormonal changes throughout the lifecycle. A higher percentage of women with menstrual migraine find that their condition improves when they are pregnant. However, in rare cases migraine may appear for the first time during pregnancy. The positive effects of pregnancy on migraine and the possible worsening post partum are probably related to the uniformly high and stable estrogen levels during pregnancy and the rapid fall-off thereafter. Nondrug therapies relaxation, sleep, massage, ice packs, biofeedback should be tried first to treat migraine in women who are pregnant. For treatment of acute migraine attacks mg of paracetamol acetaminophen preferably as a suppository is considered the first choice drug treatment.

Nine out of ten pregnant women with migraine deliberately avoid migraine medication despite needing it on one or several occasions. Other triptans have not been shown to be harmful, but they have rarely been studied. Thanks for adding your feedback. Tips to manage ‘pandemic pregnancy’ stress. Baby Products.

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