Quarantine breacher fitted with tracker

A second person has been fitted with a tracking device after allegedly breaching hotel quarantine in Perth. WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said the 35-year-old local man, from Secret Harbour, arrived in the state from Queensland last Tuesday and was directed to stay at a hotel on Great Eastern Highway in Redcliffe for 14 days.… Read More »

Meager Meals, Dirty Rooms: Life in ‘Quarantine U’

Cate Sullivan, college student, University of Michigan. Mercedes Ruiz, college student, Elon University. Anonymous college student, University of Buffalo. Neysa Ernst, nurse manager, Johns Hopkins Biocontainment Unit. Timothy Brewer, MD, professor of medicine and epidemiology,  UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and Medicine. Uasystem.edu. Here.nd.edu. BuzzFeed: “College Students Are Sharing Fyre Fest-Like Meals in Quarantine… Read More »

Abdominal Liposuction: Surgical Removal of Excess Fat

Abdominal liposuction is  used when a  woman is looking to get rid of that stubburn fat around the waste-line. Newer techniques of liposuction such as tumescent liposuction result in less bruising, less swelling and a quicker recovery than older traditional methods of liposuction. The other liposuction technique, ultrasound-assisted liposuction,  uses ultrasound rather than mechanical action to elicit fat… Read More »

‘This is NOT a blip’: COVID-19 cases are accelerating in Canada. Should we be worried?

Article content continued With schools starting back up again and businesses largely open, the challenges are more difficult than in March or April, because we’re starting at a baseline of greater exposure risk, he said. “And I think people really need to recognize that.” In March, there was a “captive sense of fear” and dread,… Read More »