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Scientists raise fears that owning a cat could increase the risk of brain cancer

No one likes their pet to be ­accused of spreading disease. I remember some time ago there was news that a parasite from dogs, Toxocara canis, could be passed on through contamination from dog faeces – and the campaign to use pooper-scoopers was born. Now the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has come… Read More »

‘After cancer at 24, I was told I had the fertility of a 45-year-old — six months later I was pregnant with my miracle baby’

Megan Ennis is 28, engaged to be married and has a beautiful baby son. So far, her story isn’t too unusual, but a few years ago, her current situation seemed almost impossible. In 2017, the Dublin woman woke up with a pain in her chest, and because she was due to go on a trip… Read More »

Why coronavirus-related delays in cancer screenings are concerning, according to experts

Delayed cancer screenings amid the pandemic may result in more patients presenting with advanced forms of the disease in the future, doctors worry. “We are certainly worried about the impact of delays in screening and treatment for cancer patients,” Dr. Bob Keenan, chief medical officer of the Florida-based Moffitt Cancer Center, wrote in a statement. Keenan noted the… Read More »