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How can depression cause physical pain

Associations between low back pain and depression and somatization in a Canadian emerging adult population. How Aging Affects Your Health. Time to recurrence after recovery from major depressive episodes and its predictors. The PHQ validity of a brief depression severity measure. This way your healthcare provider can connect you with the help you need. The… Read More »

Can viagra cause acid reflux

Stomach acid is the can substance that allows us to digest our food and absorb nutrients. Do you have any recommendations? Sildenafil overdosage can cause serious side effects associated with the drug, including heartburn and indigestion. This is typically due to the increase in nitric oxide Viagra can trigger. Latest Viagra. Headaches are by far… Read More »

What is the cause of migraine pain

The two forms seen most often are migraine with aura and migraine without aura. These headaches cause extreme pain around and behind the eye, often with. How can I tell if I have a migraine or a sinus headache? For some people, throwing up can actually relieve migraine, but what is actually happening in the… Read More »