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Weight loss diet plan: 2 nutritionists share the ideal Indian diet plan to lose weight – Times of India

With obesity affecting 5 per cent of the country’s total population, weight loss is top priority for many. However, we also know that losing weight is no cakewalk. A combination of a healthy diet and regular workout is the key to healthy and sustainable weight loss. Many people have a misconception that losing weight requires… Read More »

Daily Dozen meal plan diet claims to help you live longer and is easy to follow

The Daily Dozen is an eating plan that maximises the consumption of fruit, veg, beans, wholegrains and nuts, and minimises the intake of meat, dairy, eggs and processed foods. Originally published in a book called How Not to Die by Dr Michael Greger, the diet might not make you immortal, but evidence suggests it could… Read More »

What you need to know about the protein in your diet – LA Daily News

High-protein diets are more popular than ever. While getting enough protein is important for health, the type of protein matters, too. If your focus is on chronic disease prevention and longevity, science shows that you should be prioritizing more plant-based sources of protein. Plant protein comes from foods like beans, peas, whole grains, lentils, nuts… Read More »