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Viral suppression in Uganda improved by more viral load tests, done faster

Simple measures to improve the ordering and turnaround of viral load tests in Uganda significantly improved viral suppression after one year, a cluster-randomised trial reported this week at the Eleventh International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science found. Although viral load testing is a well-established procedure in Uganda’s national HIV treatment programme, its uptake could… Read More »

Why deliberately infecting healthy young volunteers with COVID-19 virus can be done ethically

Article content continued We do allow people to volunteer for things that carry risk The “first, do no harm” principle doesn’t necessarily apply here, Attaran said. “Trials are experimentation. They’re not intended with the same goal as routine treatment in medicine.” The better analogy is firefighters, he said. “With firefighters you recruit people who are… Read More »

How a chlamydia test is done

Despite this, chlamydia can cause complications that can ultimately lead to infertility and other concerns. Testing with a urethral swab, a swab of the cervix or vagina, or a urine test can determine whether you have an infection and require treatment. You may look up the symptoms of chlamydia, and they are good to be… Read More »

Where to get diabetes test done

But it can develop in people with any type of diabetes; if they think you might have diabetes, buy any lab test now with or without insurance and a doctor’s order is not required. Around week 24 of their pregnancies, which may be expressed as numbers or by the designation of positive or negative. Autoantibodies… Read More »