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Mental Health Tips for Kids

Learn mental health tips for kids to support them through challenges. It’s evident that 2020 has not been an easy year for families, and kids especially have struggled with the grief and uncertainty caused by living through a pandemic. While some families have banded together this year, others have become more acutely aware of issues… Read More »

Kids with asymptomatic coronavirus infections may shed virus for weeks, scientists say

Jessica Renteria pushes a stroller with her two children to the Los Angeles Zoo as it reopens on August 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California after shutting down on March 13 due to the coronavirus pandemic. – The reopening of the Zoo will see online reservations, a limited capacity, required facial coverings and enhanced cleaning… Read More »

Parents are spending $70,000 for their kids to learn in ‘pods’

Now that most NYC-area schools have released their plans for the upcoming school year, with a combination of remote and in-person learning, parents of elite students are scrambling to supplement what they believe will inevitably be lost if students aren’t in the classroom — by hiring private educators. Known as “pods,” small groups of four… Read More »

Homeschooling amid Coronavirus Pandemic: 8 Ways to Make Studying at Home More Fun and Productive For Kids During Difficult Times

None of us knew while ringing in new years 2020 that social distancing was in store for us. The coronavirus pandemic has been taking lives all around the world and it is important now more than ever that we do not step out of our houses to curb the highly contagious COVID-19 infection. However, school… Read More »