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‘Concerning’ virus spread on floor 7

Queensland health authorities have spent the night scrambling for answers over how six existing cases of the UK’s highly infectious COVID strain were linked to the same quarantine hotel despite having no contact. Queenslanders fear the state is “on the brink” of a nightmare after it was revealed that the cases had no direct contact… Read More »

Can you spread malaria

The main current measures are focused on reduction of the contact between mosquitoes and humans, check for mosquitoes already in your mosquito net malaria going to bed. This means they are given antimalarial drugs at regular intervals during their pregnancy, you’ll have a bout of fever, the fever from malaria usually comes very suddenly. Term… Read More »

How malaria is spread

Saliva is moisture, or spit, made in the mouth. Can you get malaria while you are pregnant? Many thousands of tourists also get malaria during their travels to countries where malaria is present. Anopheles mosquito spreads the malaria and culex mosquito spreads the dengue fever. In the early 20th century, before antibiotics became available, Julius… Read More »