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How to Start Liking Running

Advertisement Continue reading the main story Supported by Continue reading the main story How I Tricked Myself Into Liking Running It’s good for your mental and physical health, and doesn’t require any equipment. So why does it seem so hard to get started? Credit…Erik Isakson/Getty Images April 16, 2021 Until last week, the only time… Read More »

Europe OKs Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine, but deliveries won’t start till April

Europe’s COVID-19 immunization campaign has been challenged by early supply problems and now safety concerns for AstraZeneca’s shot. A fourth vaccine is now on its way—though it’s not going to fix the supply shortfall immediately. European Commission officials on Thursday endorsed J&J’s coronavirus shot for use in member countries, making the vaccine the first one-dose option to score an… Read More »

How to start a successful diet

If losing weight is your resolution, you may be priming yourself to fail just by labeling it as such. I propose we rebrand this whole “resolution” thing by honing in on your own clearly defined personal health goals, and the boundaries you can create to keep them in place. What does that mean for you?… Read More »

Researchers crack age-old question if couples start looking alike over time

Maybe opposites attract, but an infamous 20th-century study posited that partners grow to look more similar to one other over time. However, new research has refuted the concept, debunking the theory laid out by the distinguished psychologist Robert Zajonc in the ’80s. Published Monday in the journal Scientific Reports, Stanford PhD candidate Pin Pin Tea-makorn… Read More »