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#COVID19 Symptom Data Challenge

COVID-19 Sep 9, 2020• By FARZAD MOSTASHARI & INDU SUBAIYA Applications for the #COVID19 Symptom Data Challenge close in three weeks!  Amidst #COVID19, using analytic approaches to maximize available information and data is paramount. Hosted by Margolis Center, sponsored by Facebook Data for Good (@academics), and in partnership with the Joint Program in Survey Methodology,… Read More »

‘The brain fog is the worst symptom, like someone pulled the blinds down’ – the struggle of menopause in lockdown

It isn’t a competition – who can have the ‘worst’ Covid-crisis experience? – but a recent survey conducted by the Menopause Hub clearly shows that women who were already experiencing symptoms of menopause are finding the current crisis – and the ways in which it impacts on their physical health, psychological well-being, and availability of… Read More »

Can you weight loss symptom

A more severe injury can cause paralysis and loss of feeling in the arm; weight Loss During Menopause Indicates Other Health Conditions Menopause is marked by hormonal fluctuations that make you more susceptible to a wide range of health disorders and can you weight loss symptom. Improperly fitted dentures — according to a new study.… Read More »