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When is it best to take levitra

A life changer. I am 54 and began having dificulties keeping an erection a several years ago, not every time but often enough to hurt my confidence and decrease the incidence down to once every couple of weeks. Have tried this about 6 times now. And it is very effective for me. There are lots… Read More »

Pregnancy can take vitamin c

The browser you are using is too old for our website. Please visit www. Learn about the benefits of vitamin C in pregnancy, how it can help iron absorption and which foods are the best sources. Not only does it boost your immune system and reduce your risk of suffering from iron-defficiency anaemia in pregnancy,… Read More »

What to take for arthritis pain

Struggling to find relief from your knee arthritis pain? Sports medicine expert Carly Day, MD, explains why a comprehensive approach is needed to get you feeling your best again. That achy pain, mild swelling and stiffness in your knee after not being active? Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site… Read More »