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What can you eat in an atkins diet

If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. How this works. The Atkins diet aims to help a person lose weight by limiting carbohydrates and controlling insulin levels. Dieters can eat as much fat and protein as they want. Robert Atkins, an American cardiologist, created the diet… Read More »

What is the 4×4 diet?

I have been following “real food” and “detox” blogs and 4×4 for a while, as well as doing the Insanity workout, and I felt that in the ways this diet? was a big summary of a lot of that information, paired with some organized and awesome plans to put into what a healthier, more active… Read More »

What is moderation in healthy diet

Just me and the computer today. Burgers, French fries, cake, and ice cream each night for dinner will lead to health complications. This fits within a healthy diet. Take the time to learn how to practice it properly, in a way that best fits your lifestyle and preferences. Here are three common categories people can… Read More »