What problems can low vitamin d cause

By | May 25, 2020

what problems can low vitamin d cause

Four out of 10 people living in the U. What does Vitamin D do? Vitamin D does a lot of things to help maintain your health. It also helps support a healthy brain, heart, teeth and lungs. Vitamin D keeps your immune system strong and can help regulate insulin levels. It keeps your energy levels up and enhances your mood, too.

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Vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin that has powerful effects on several systems throughout your body 1. Unlike other vitamins, vitamin D functions like a hormone, and every single cell in your body has a receptor for it. It’s also found in certain foods such as fatty fish and fortified dairy products, though it’s very difficult to get enough from diet alone. The recommended daily intake RDI is usually around — IU, but many experts say you should get even more than that. Vitamin D deficiency is very common. It’s estimated that about 1 billion people worldwide have low levels of the vitamin in their blood 2. According to a study, This number goes up to People who live near the equator and get frequent sun exposure are less likely to be deficient, as their skin produces enough vitamin D to satisfy their bodies’ needs.

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